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Looking to do some repairs around the house or to keep up with the maintenance but don't know how to begin? Welcome to Premier Asphalt & Concrete, we have been Ohio’s leading asphalt paving and concrete company for a while. With the best licensed contractors spread out across Ohio, you can guarantee any job you might need from an asphalt contractor will be done correctly and successfully. We understand that any repair job to a house or business can be stressful. However our company understands that by not repairing any damages you may have, overtime it could lead to potential water damage or even general wear depending on the repair.

Our team will have a sit down time with the clients to discuss the options we have, and to see what the most effective way to handle the problem. We respect our clients and we are sure to provide exceptional customer service every step of the way. By offering free proposals we encourage you to check out our team. We have an exceptional staff, great resources and top of the line equipment.

At Premier Asphalt & Concrete we are known to specialize in concrete flatwork, stamped concrete, catch basins, concrete steps, asphalt contract, asphalt paving, sealcoating, asphalt repair, line striping, and crack filling. Our company not only has the best contractors in the area, they have top quality experience in locations from municipal, industrial even commercial.

Asphalt Work

Asphalt Work

Our contractors work with top of the line equipment to give our clients the best results for their home or business. For example, our company provides our clients with outstanding work in concrete flatwork.

We work with our clients and usually remove and replace any existing concrete slab, so when our job is done we leave our clients with a perfectly polished even surface. Even line stripping services we leave our cities construction looking nice and sharp, giving it not only a smooth surface but a safe environment for pedestrians.

So go ahead and make that call, our staff will make sure and answer any other questions you have. Even if you are a new client looking into repairing, even redecoration or stamped concrete, you are in good hands.

Concrete Work

Concrete Work

Premier Asphalt & Concrete will turn your pool decks or patios into a brand new one, just like our clients request us to. We also offer especially made catch basins, and concrete steps for our clients, they are extremely popular so if that is something you are also looking into don't be afraid to ask.

We know the problems the foundations can have with asphalt, so we use crack filling to provide long term protection. Our company gives our clients with the top quality sealcoating services to give them the best possible results. So go ahead call our office, don't let those repairs take any longer.

Book that free proposal today!!! We live to provide our clients with top of the line work without any hidden little secrets. So if you are in need of maintenance or repairs, spread the word around to your family and friends we will take care of you. Do not let the damaged get worse.

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