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Premier Sealing has been offering many solutions to our customers’ for their asphalt paving needs for over ten years. Premier Sealing is made up of professional, trained employees, and we have the tools and equipment that are right for various types of asphalt projects. Premier Sealing offers expertise services in asphalt line striping, sealcoating, construction and completion of residential and commercial type parking lots, and many other asphalt services. If you visit our Facebook page, you will find photos of our completed jobs, reviews from satisfied customers, and our contact information.


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On Premier Sealing’s website, you can find an information form to fill in, so we are able to contact you to set up a time to come to your property and offer you a price estimate for the job you wish to have completed. Also on our website, it is noted that we hold an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, which will give you peace of mind when deciding to hire us for your asphalt project needs. Asphalt line striping is a service we provide. Line striping can provide clean pathways in your parking lot for your customers so that they can park their vehicles with ease. Asphalt line striping makes streets safer because it is then easier for pedestrians to cross them. Managing proper traffic flows is easier with professional looking, clean, and freshly applied line striping.

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Before the process of line striping can be done, a layout has to be prepared by taking precise measurements, giving you an accurate sketch of the parking lot. This sketch will take into account any obstructions such as light poles, trees, or curbs. This blueprint will also include any needed handicap and fire zone clearances. After your sketch or blueprint is completed, preparation of the lot before line striping has to be done.


Your parking lot will be barricaded. Then Premier Sealing will pressure wash the parking lot. Pressure washing will remove dirt, mildew, vegetation, and any other containment from the parking lot. We then need to allow twenty-four hours for the lot to dry completely before proceeding further. After pressure washing, Premier Sealing uses a high pressure gas blower to remove any remaining sand and dirt.


This ensures that all dust and dirt is removed off of the lot. Good weather conditions are critical before starting on the next step of the line striping application. Line striping can only be done in dry weather. With us you can rest assured line striping would only be applied in dry weather.

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Even though line striping paint usually dries in approximately thirty minutes, we allow at least a four-hour drying time. Also before we start applying the line striping, we will double check to make sure all our measurements are precise so the proper amount of paint will be used. We will also ensure that your paved surface is totally clean before applying line striping.


We promise you a solid base to apply your line striping on. In some cases, Premier Sealing might suggest sealcoating as preventive maintenance for your paved surface, and to give your paved surface a nice clean slate black finish. We will advise you of any potholes or cracks that might need to be repaired before sealcoating or line striping as well. Line striping should not be applied over cracked surfaces or potholes.


Using our accurate sketch and measurements, Premier Sealing will then start the line striping. We do line striping with the use of a wall behind machine or manually paint the stripes ourselves. We look forward to hearing from you, and look forward to you giving us the opportunity to earn your line striping business!