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Premier Sealing is an asphalt and concrete contractor based in Columbus, OH. With 10 years of experience, Premier Sealing’s professional staff can offer you the following services: - Sealcoating - Pothole repair - Asphalt cold patching - Crack filling and repair - Line striping - Repair and new installation of driveways, patios, and sidewalks - Concrete flatwork repair services The first question Premier Sealing usually hears from our customers is, “What is concrete flatwork?” Concrete flatwork is the use of proper techniques to place, finish, edge, and cure a concrete surface.


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Examples of where concrete flatwork repair can be used would be on patios, driveways, and sidewalks. Other examples would be repair on concrete slabs, which are in some cases the foundation for a building or a house. Concrete is the most used material for concrete flatwork repair because it can produce a flat, even surface. Also, concrete flatwork repair is preferred over stone or brick masonry because of its lower cost. Concrete flatwork repair when installed properly can produce the design and finish you are looking for your patios, driveways, and sidewalks. Professional concrete flatwork repair requires the precise mixing methods and prompt delivery to enable proper curing. This application process will give you a durable finish for your driveways, patios, and sidewalks.

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Normally smooth finishes are best for indoors. A brush-textured use is best for exterior flatwork like what would be used on driveways, patios, and sidewalks surfaces. A large selection of designs can be included in concrete flatwork projects. An example of this would be the dyeing of concrete to look like a hardwood finish, which can then be applied on a basement floor.


Only the homeowner would know that it is actually a concrete surface. Another example would be dyeing the concrete and applying a concrete design that would make the concrete flatwork look like a stone driveway. You are probably wondering how Premier Sealing can treat stained and dirty concrete. Usually most dirt and stains can be removed with a professional power washer.


After cleaning, a sealcoat is normally applied to protect against any future spills. You may also wonder if there is any hope for cracked and chipped concrete flatwork. If caught in time, Premier Sealing can usually repair chips and cracks in concrete flatwork. Broken edges can be also be repaired to prevent further impact or erosion. If your concrete flatwork surface is breaking away, this could be a sign that the mixture used for application could have been flawed.

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Flaking of concrete flatwork could be a possible indication that it was poured during cold temperatures. You can rest assured that Premier Sealing will use the proper settling techniques. Concrete is designed for strength.


Small shifts in settling are normally not a problem; however, larger shifts will cause permanent concrete flatwork damage making repair costs very expensive. Many houses and buildings are designed on a slab type foundation. Concrete is poured and then spread out to form an even, smooth concrete flatwork surface to build on. A slab with even small cracks can pose a critical concern.


Small cracks in a concrete flatwork slab foundation create an entryway for termites to enter the foundation eating at the wood and causing damage to your housing structure. We here at Premier Sealing offer our customers professional concrete flatwork service, professional application, and professional installation of concrete and asphalt products.


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