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Unless you operate a business in which the large majority of your clients arrive by foot, bus, or subway, you are probably aware of the role a parking lot, attractive, easily accessible and well maintained, plays in generating clients. At Premier Sealing, we recognize that asphalt sealcoating, the protection of your investment in smooth, well-defined parking spaces on your property, can play an important role in enhancing the appearance and customer perception of your enterprise, as well as your personal residence.


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Pavement damage originates when water permeates small surface cracks, which occurs within pavements. Water within the pavement can lead to the cycle of freeze and thaw, which damages all pavements. Effective asphalt sealcoating helps reduce both the size and frequency of these flaws. Oxygen, ozone, road salt, and similar chemicals, as well as ultraviolet radiation from the sun, can also present a threat. This can be diminished by regular asphalt sealcoating. Properly applied, asphalt sealcoating also prevents water and the contaminants it carries from reaching the base materials beneath the paved surfaces, which can cause the unsightly alligator cracks, a sure sign of neglected maintenance. This reflects poorly upon any property or enterprise.

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In addition, asphalt sealcoating renews the surface of previously applied asphalt. The natural colors of asphalt sealcoating compounds blend in easily with other paving materials. The contrast supplied by fresh asphalt sealcoating makes lines and other pavement markings stand out.


Asphalt sealcoating materials absorb heat, which makes asphalt more pliable and less subject to damage from vehicles. Oxidation is a variation of the same natural processes, which causes metal to rust, can allow asphalt molecules to bind more strongly. It also frees up small pieces of paving material. This can accelerate the wear and tear caused by weather cycles.


Again, asphalt sealcoating helps to diminish the toll natural elements can take on a pavement. Asphalt sealcoating hinders the absorption of other chemicals such as motor oil, gasoline and diesel fuel, which can damage asphalt. The smoother surface provided by asphalt sealcoating makes asphalt easier to sweep and keep clean.


For any surface, asphalt sealcoating also enhances the natural cleaning effect of surface rainfall. For all the reasons cited above, the cost of regular asphalt sealcoating could be viewed as preventive maintenance. This would most likely cost less then the cost of asphalt patchwork, which can also diminish the appearance and visual appeal of your property.

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In addition to parking lots and driveways, asphalt sealcoating can also enhance the appearance of other paved properties, such as playgrounds, basketball courts, and similar sport facilities.


At Premier Sealing, with each opportunity, we devote the time and attention necessary to maintain your high standards as well as our own. Whether you are a business owner or a residential customer, we strive to maintain consistency in both the materials and workmanship provided for every asphalt sealcoating project.


From the fist steps in preparation of the surface to be protected, through both the application of the sealants and proper follow-up to allow for curing of the surface, and concern for all state and local environmental laws, we fully recognize that the results of our asphalt sealcoating efforts reflect upon the quality of our customers' products and services.


From the time our business was founded, we have maintained and enhanced our knowledge of the fine art and technology of the craft of asphalt sealcoating and other forms of paved surface protection. We are ready to apply our own experience and expertise to your specific asphalt sealcoating project needs.